Summer Camps


All of the Equine Camps and Activities at C Bar C foster perseverance, flexibility, and allow each rider to overcome challenges in a safe and supportive environment. With each experience, we are preparing to serve the Lord with Bold Faith, and Hard Work! At C Bar C, we work hard and play hard, every single day. 

With a little bit of grit, and a lot of grace, we are raising equestrians who can accomplish each and every goal. 

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Horse  Camp

Dates: June 21- June 25, 2021
Times: Monday - Thursday 9 am-3 pm
& Friday (HORSE SHOW DAY!) 9 am - Noon

Ages: 5-17
Welcome to all intermediate and advanced riders!
Join us at C Bar C for: FAITH FAMILY & FARM; Guest speakers, Horse painting & bathing, Horse Crafting, stall cleaning, and a daily devotional. 
5 classes with ribbons, and trophies awarded as well as a C BAR C character belt buckle

Bring: Helmet, boots, jeans, Bible, water bottle, change of clothes and a sack lunch daily.
Cost: $200


Pony Camp

Dates: July 26, 28, & 30, 2021

Times: Monday & Wednesday 9 am-3 pm

Friday: HORSE SHOW DAY! 8:30 am-  11 am

Ages: 5-17

Join us at C Bar C: Pony Camp is an excellent choice of summer day camp for the beginner, the anxious, special needs, or timid riders, ages 5-15!

We offer all the opportunities of Horse Camp, with extra support.

Featuring a horse show, and more- we have a full schedule planned! (regular sized horses are enjoyed! $175) Come Ride with us!  Mini-Show Friday! 

3 classes with ribbons awarded & Belt Buckle

Bring: Helmet, boots, Bible, jeans, water bottle, and a sack lunch.

Cost: $175

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Cowkid Day Camp

Dates: On each available Monday of the summer (no camp scheduled), we'll be offering day camp for both boys and girls.

Times: 9 am-3 pm

Ages: 5-17

Horseback riding, a devotional, and offering on a rotational schedule; fishing, woodworking, paddle boating, go cart riding, horse bathing, roping & more!

Bring: Helmet, boots, Bible, jeans, water bottle, and a sack lunch.

Cost: $60 per Rider

Cowgirl Campout

Dates: May 28-May 29, 2021 & Sept. 3-4, 2021
Times: Friday 3pm - Saturday 3pm 

Ages: 5-17- All riding abilities welcome! 
Join us at C Bar C:  CAMPING! Trail riding, saddle bag Dinner, Fireside Devotional, faith- based lesson & crafts, Cowboy breakfast, S'mores, horse painting, horse arena games & trail riding! 
Friendly fun in the arena: barrel races and egg & spoon competition.

Bring: Helmet, boots, jeans, Bible, water bottle, and a sack dinner. 
Cost: $120