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Wondering what you need to get started?

Helmet, boots, & jeans required.  No experience necessary, just bring an open heart and hard working hands!


Riding Guide & Release Form

C Bar C's Equine Program Handbook has all the information you want and need before you begin.  The 

C Bar C Waiver must be filled out and signed by the rider or his/her guardian.



Ms. Shay & Cori love these helmets by Troxel.  They are totally adjustable, breathable, and fairly inexpensive.  You can buy them online or at most "farm supply" stores.

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C Bar C is a place for ALL ages & abilities to come! Whether you are ready to compete at one of our schooling competitions, or if you just want to bring the family for a day on the farm, we have unique events every month for all ages and abilities. ($50-$120)


Buy a Horse

If you are ready to purchase your own horse, let Ms. Shay know exactly what you are looking for, and the C Bar C Team will work together to find the right fit for you and your family.   C Bar C offers the ONE AND ONLY- BELLA BLUE BOOK! An electronic resource guide to help individuals use good stewardship to purchase your first horse. See Ms. Shay for more details! 


Veterinary Care

If you have your own horse, I recommend Dr. Peddicord, and Dr. Randy Huenefeld to meet all your veterinary needs. 


Saddles & Tack

The Chap Shop, located in Harrisonville, MO is a great place to buy your first saddle! The Chap Shop owners donate their time and gifts to C Bar C Farms during summer camps.  They have a heart for the Lord, the kids, and the horses! Be sure to check them out!

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