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Fridays, 9am- 2pm

Winter: Valentines - Easter

Spring: Easter - Memorial Day

Fall: Labor Day - Thanksgiving

Ages 5-15

Daily Schedule

9am- Howdy! Welcome, Prayers & Pledge

9:15- Chores: chickens, poop-scoops, Aisle-way, horse grooming, & cattle

10am- Devotions & Snack

10:30- Guest Teacher:

12pm- 1pm- Picnic Lunch

1pm- Missouri Conservation

1:45- Show & Tell!

2pm- Happy Trails!


Homeschoolers can earn a C Bar C FarmSchool Certificate of Completion for part of their Missouri Non- core required hours. FarmSchool students are blessed to be under the authority of other Christian adults at school, while growing in a social experience and new life lessons.  FarmSchool is Modeled after the One room school house model, where students have daily chores and older students help teach younger students and assist the teacher.

Weekly Lessons

FarmSchool invites volunteer teachers weekly, who choose & teach their own Faith-based lesson.  Classes vary, but could include: counseling, sewing, art, science, food drying & preparation, cave exploration field trip, stewardship..... And MORE!


 $275 per student, per session (6-8 weeks based on weather). $50 discount for children of volunteer teachers

What to Bring

A sack lunch, two snacks, a water bottle, boots, jeans, extra layers or a change of clothes, notebook, pencil, and a positive attitude are all you need to enjoy Faith, Family, Farm, and Freedom. . . At school! 

(Lockers are provided.)



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