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Welcome to
C Bar C Farms!

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Yee haw! You're in! Stay tuned for the latest farm adventures!

Howdy, from C Bar C!

Welcome to the C Bar C Family! C Bar C is faith-based and family operated! C Bar C provides basic riding lessons, and equine assisted riding activities for all ages and abilities!

C Bar C is a Christ centered facility located in Blairstown, MO -- 25 miles from Warrensburg on 60 beautiful acres, home to a special herd of talented horses. 

Our values include safety, grit, grace, compassion, partnership, patriotism, good stewardship & FUN! 

All Things Equine

The opportunities and programs at C Bar C Farms are unique and exciting! From riding lessons, to schooling shows, our FarmSchool Homeschool Group, Tiny Tot lessons and more- we have something for everyone!

Join us for a meet and greet ($20) where you will learn about all the different options, meet the herd, and establish your own horsemanship goals. 

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Equine Assisted Growth & Learning

C Bar C offers a custom-created curriculum that is based on The EAGALA Equine Therapy Model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association);


C Bar C uniquely combines faith, family, & farm in a way that benefits all areas of mental health.


Horses & Faith have a lot in common; Trust, Hope, and perseverance- to name a few! We integrate bible-based teaching into our lessons, events, and camps!


We'd also love for you to join us at:

JC Cowboy Church 

124 NW 251 Rd.

Warrensburg, Mo on Sundays at 10:30am.

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When you you come to the farm, we welcome you in with open arms- we all share our joys and our struggles with support for one another as brothers & sisters in Christ. 


Mon - Thurs: 9am - 9pm ​​

Friday- FarmSchool Homeschool Co-op

Saturday: Monthly Event Times Vary

Sunday: Worship! 

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